Saturday, 24 September 2011

Midwinter Sacrifice

Have just finished reading Midwinter Sacrifice by Swedish author Mons Kallentoft. Simultaneously describing the action and allowing the reader to 'eavesdrop' on the stream of consciousness playing out in the main character's head, the rhythm of the narrative is initially daunting but rewards the reader with a fascinating new detective, Malin Fors. She is a woman struggling in her personal life as she cements her place in the Violent Crime Squad. The discovery of a body in a desolate part of the countryside triggers an investigation that baffles Malin and colleagues and takes them into a world of maternal domination, familial dysfunction and social ambivalence. Kallentoft brings the trademark Scandinavian focus on the physical environment while at the same time deftly describing the complexities of modern life in Sweden. Malin Fors features in five novels to date by Mons Kallentoft, with this being the first one translated into English. It is due for release in Australia in time for our new bookstore to include it in our Christmas gift recommendations.

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  1. In time for the new bookstore??? Fantastic news!! Can you tell us more?